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Merchants chest Merchants chest Merchants chest
The "Merchant's Chest" is a classic "treasure chest" as you would expect on a pirate ship. It is made of polished mangowood and glazed in dark brown. Black steel bands reinforce the lid and the corners. Brass decorated pins round off the...
46,95 € *
Mertlein suede blanket Mertlein suede blanket Mertlein suede blanket
Our "Mertlein" blanket is made from a patchwork of rectangular suede pieces. Used as a bedspread, it hides the modern sleeping bag in a LARP event. Put it on the ground on a picknick to enjoy the day. When laying it on the top of your...
79,90 € *
Nizaris-Trommel Nizaris drum
Drums have been a military signal and messaging medium ever since the antiquity. Of course they were used as an instrument for amusement as well. The "Nizaris" drum is a long drum with a resonance skin on the opposing bottom. The goat...
119,90 € *
Oil lamp 3 flames with lid incl. chain nature Oil lamp 3 flames with lid incl. chain nature
This three-flame oil lamp made by "Akru Keramik" can be suspended by means of a metal chain. It will fit right into your tent, a tavern, but also your porch or your balcony. The chain can be...
24,90 € *
Öllicht-Lilie-natur Oil lamp lily nature
This pretty little oil lamp has got a lily shaped ornament on the top. It can be used to illuminate a table or carried around at the small handle. Diameter: Approx. 11cm All oil lamps can be fueled with standard lamp oil, the wicks are...
14,90 € *
Öllicht-Mini-natur Oil lamp mini nature
This tiny oil lamp fits just every table. It can be used as a night light or as a small flame in an alchemist´s or wizard´s workshop. Length: Approx. 9cm All oil lamps can be fueled with standard lamp oil, the wicks are included in...
9,90 € *
Öllicht-dreiflammig-natur Oil lamp three arm nature
This three arm oil lamp shines enough light for a bigger table. If you use several of them, they are even suitable to illuminate the hole camp at night. Diameter: Approx. 15cm All oil lamps can be...
27,91 € *
Öllicht-dreiflammig-mit-Kette-natur Oil lamp three arm nature with chain
This three arm oil lamp can be hung up around your tent. Three to four of it can even illuminate a bigger area. The heat resistant chain has got a small hook at the end that can be used to hang up...
19,90 € *
Otik Flaschenöffner Otik Flaschenöffner Otik Flaschenöffner
Der "Otik" Flaschenöffner aus tordiertem Schmiedeeisen ist ein unverzichtbares Hilfsmittel das an keiner Tafel fehlen sollte. Die rauhe Optik des geschmiedeten Eisens und seine aufwändige Tordierung passen zur Darstellung vieler...
7,90 € *
Peasants chest Peasants chest Peasants chest
The "Peasants Chest" is hand made of mango and has a particularly nice grain. Decorated with brass nails and fittings and a wall thickness of over a zentimater, as well as reinforced, tightly glued edges, the "Peasants Chest" is built...
De 8,45 € *
Salerno-Verbandsbeutel Salerno-Verbandsbeutel Salerno bandage bag
Our "Salerno" bandage bag consists of 10 roller bandages. A great set which can is useful in most situations concerning healing. The bandages can be used as a fill-up for our Salerno healer´s belt or to stock up your own bandage...
7,90 € *
Suppenkessel-8,0l Soup kettle
The steam of a boiling kettle mixing with the sweet smell of the crackling sound of the campfire. Friends are laughing, talking and drinking with well filled mead horns. There is a bard playing songs in the near distance... The...
De 37,90 € *
Tripod Tripod Tripod
This tripod made from twisted steel is the heart of every fireplace. Easy to setup, just hang the pan or grill in the included chain and hang both on the tripod, height depending on the desired temperature. The feet got covers to prevent...
19,91 € *
Turul-kleine-Trommel Turul small drum
The "Turul" drum is a frame drum with goat skin on both sides. You can beat it with either hand or the delivered, leather padded drum stick. It is perfectly made for the reenactment of shamanistic rituals or the accompanimant of...
39,90 € *
Wardrum Wardrum
A nice, natural drum with no superfluent details. It is great for rustic costumes or for groups: be it beating the beat of a march or the evenings' entertainment drumming. The drum is covered with a natural skin (goat) and has a deep...
99,90 € *
Whetstone Whetstone Whetstone
Even early in the human age, objects such as stones or wood were sharpened to serve as a cutting tool or as a weapon. In the Middle Ages, sharpening stones were often used to sharpen knives, sickles or scythes. With the unusually shaped...
7,89 € *
Gudrun-Eisenhaken-klein Wrought Iron Hook
This wrought iron hook can be used to hang camp-equipment, as well as individual equipment up. It arranges stuff inside the tent and provides order to pots, pans and all other camp-utensils. Material: Wrought Iron Size: between 8cm and...
1,90 € *
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