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Arthur greaves brown nutria FW modded

Our "Arthur" canvas greaves, one of our most popular novelties for wearing underneath armour, were labouriously "modded" (i.e. modified) by hand by its manufacturer Falkenwacht to create a special limited edition. Real nutria fur was added to the outside of the leg paddings to mimic medieval sources, so these greaves will warm you even on bracing winter days. The greaves are cross-tied on the backside by means of 2 straps and clasps. They are especially well suited to portray people from a higher social standing, or those hailing from colder areas.

All articles made by Leipzig-based manufactury "Falkenwacht" are 100% produced in Germany. The furs are purchased from certified breeders in Europe or are wildcaught. No furs from factory farms are used.

Materials: cotton, real nutria fur

39,90 € *

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