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Shapur gambeson canvas

A gambeson fulfills several tasks. It serves as armour in and of itself, capable of withstanding sword blows on medieval battlefields. During LARP events or combat portrayals using steel weapons, it will absorb the oomph of blows and protect the wearer from bruises. Worn underneath other armour parts, it will lend them a greater wearing comfort and improve their fit. It is almost a costume by itself and, combined with a belt and a few accessories, it may be worn as a warrior's upper garment. We offer gambesons in various colours and shapes.

The gambeson "Shapur" is inspired by oriental garments. It may be closed in the front using three leather strips. What makes the closure special is the diagonal overlap, similar to a kimono. That's what gives "Shapur" its oriental character. The possibility of adjusting the waist fit is particularly interesting for women. Size and fit can be individually adjusted using lacings on the sides. The inner lining consists of sturdy wool felt, giving the gambeson a firm, easy-to-grip padding without making it too thick. The padding is thinner around the arms so as not to inhibit the wearer's freedom of movement. The gambeson "Shapur" is not only special due to its cut; the thin, yet firm padding gives it a kind of quality that makes it almost a shame to hide this gambeson underneath further armour parts.

Material: canvas, leather
Padding material: wool felt (50% wool, 50% cotton)
Sizes: S to XXL
Colours: black, burgundy, green

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