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Artemis armour 2ND ED.

The Italian company "Fucina del Drago" is well-known for its beautiful leather products. Born from their workshops, "Artemis" is a very elaborately crafted torso armour for women. Hardened upper leather was shaped and rigidly fixed together using durable brass rivets in order to create the armour's chest and back portions. Refined embossings showing celtic knots embellish the edges and the center of the chest. On the sides, the armour's size may be adjusted by means of three cast brass buckles.
The leather is dyed evenly and was painted with a special solution to make the surface resemble antique patina.

Material: upper leather

Stomach circumference: approx. 75cm to approx. 100cm
Chest circumference: approx. 80cm to approx. 105cm
Length (back): approx. 55cm
Length (chest): approx. 56cm
Weight: approx. 1350g
Colours: brown & black

Leather is a product of nature and takes dyes differently. The hue may vary from the image.

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Artemis Lederrüstung Set 2ND ED.

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Artemis Lederrüstung Set 2ND ED.

Das Artemis Set zum Vorteilspreis

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Artemis armour 2ND ED.
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