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Antonius bracers green

These elaborately embellished bracers are a real eye-catcher. The upper segment's design resembles a hammer finish, the sides are embossed with a pattern ribbon. They are an ideal addition to the "Antonius" breastplate and, of course, our "Anvard" greaves. The bracers may be closed by means of two buckles on the back side.

The Italian manufactory "Fucina del Drago" (which translates into Dragon Forge) is famous for its beautiful leather products. They only use high quality leather and materials. Elaborate embossings and the antique patina make their pieces of armour a real eye-catcher.

Material: upper leather
Length: 23cm
Width: 29cm

Leather is a product of nature and may take on dyes differently. Therefore, the actual hue may differ from the image.
49,90 € *

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