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Luthor double-belt

This awesome double-belt, handcrafted in italy, is something for all the characters that like to have many poaches, weapon slings etc. with them. It´s suitable for men & women and can easily be adjusted. To attach beltbags etc., just pull the belt from its slings and mount it at the desired postion. Use the many D-rings to attach your bags or other accessories. the hardened upper leather with the beloved Fucina finish is an eyecatcher on every event.

The italian company "Fucina del drago", translated "Dragonforge", is renowned for their beautiful leather products. They exclusively use high quality leather for their handcrafts. Elaborate punches and the antique finish give the4se items their special look.

Material: 3mm upper leather

Size S/M:
Length: 110 cm
Size L/XL:
Length: 130 cm

Width: 14 cm
Colours: brown, black

Leather is a natural product and adapts to colorings differently. The colourtone may thereby differ from the image.

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