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Floki Viking belt hound brown

"Floki" is a beautifully ornamented Viking-style belt. It is available in different decors. The one offered here is the version "Hound". The belt's eight segments are held together with leather strings. There are two segments with straps, a back segment with two buckles and the belly segment with the decorative panel. In addition, there are four segments with which the length can be varied by 5cm per segment. These can be removed or adjusted as required. With the "Floki" expansion set you get an additional two segments. The expansion set is sold separately.

Material: upper leather

Length max: 140cm (when using all segments and adjusting the belt to the greatest length possible) 
Length min: 95cm (when using a minimum number of segments and adjusting the belt to the shortest length possible)

width: 16cm

This set includes a leather string. We recommend cutting this string into six equally sized pieces to connect all segments.

Leather is a product of nature and may take dyes differently. The actual hue may differ from the image. 

99,90 € *

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