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Sigfrid greaves 2ND ED.

During LARP combat, the legs often become the target for blows. Unfortunately, this can often be a very painful experience for your shins. This is where greaves come into pay, offering great protection, lending a lot of detail to any outfit, and rounding it off visually. The "Sigfrid" greaves, now available in a redesigned version, boast a high-quality finish and finely wrought embellishments. It does not offer protection against attacks and the underbrush, but they also look great doing it. In order to increase the wearing comfort and improving the protective effect, we recommend always wearing leg paddings.

The well-known leather manufactury sets new standards with a modified design of this leather armour.

The Italian manufactury "Fucina del drago" (i. e. "Dragon's Forge) is famous for particularly beautiful leather products. They only process high-quality leather. Elaborate embellishments and the antique finish make these armour parts veritable eye-catchers.

Leather is a product of nature and takes dye differently. Accordingly, hues may vary from the image.
We recommend regular care with high-quality leather grease.

Material: upper leather
Colours: brown & black

79,90 € *

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