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Crisso harness 2nd ED

The "Crisso" harness is made of sturdy, very high quality leather. It is an asymmetric armor and, together with a leather spaulder, provides effective protection for the chest and shoulder from the side of the shield arm. This is especially interesting for lightly equipped rollers that carry a small shield. It is closed with a strap under the right arm. With elaborate punched ornaments, fine beadings and a decorative riveting, the "Crisso" harness is a fantastic addition to many light armor concepts. The leather spaulder "Crisso" can be perfectly combined with this extraordinary armor, but all the other leather shoulders of "Fucina del Drago" also fit.

Material: Upper Leather
Length: 97 cm-123 cm
Weight: 450 g
Colors: Brown & Black

Leather is a natural product and adopts dye products differently. The hue may differ from the picture.
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