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Hektor spaulders green

Hektor spaulders green

The leather spaulders "Hektor" perfectly complement the leather scale armour of the same name. They were handcrafted from high-quality upper leather by "Fucina del Drago" in Italy. Cast ornamental coins and elaborate embossed designs decorate these elegant, segmented spaulders. The scale armour pattern is continued by leather scales at the sides. The spaulders can be attached to the torso armour using sturdy leather straps.
These spaulders are not always well suited for being combined with other gorgets made by "Fucina del Drago" since they were exclusively designed for the "Hektor" leather scale armour. However, the leather shoulders "Hektor" can be easily attached to chainmail shirts.

The Italian company "Fucina del Drago" (which translates into Dragon Forge) is famous for its beautiful leather products. They only process high-quality leather there. Elaborate embossed designes and the antique patina make these armor parts a real eye-catcher.

Material: Upper Leather
Length: 14cm
Width: 50cm
Weight: 800g

Leather is a product of nature and may take on dyes differently. Therefore, the actual hue may differ from the image.
79,90 € *

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