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Hektor scale armour 2ND ED.

The leather scale armour "Hektor" consists of two parts. A superstructure made of sturdy, hardened armour leather was firmly riveted to a basis made of soft suede. So "Hector" offers its wearer a lot of freedom of movement. Thick leather scales, each carefully hand-punched, form the main part of this elaborately crafted armour. The shoulder area is made to resemble scales, thus optically connecting to the substructure. A special detail are the small opposing scales near the armholes. Not only are they very decorative, they also give the armour shape and stability. The armour can be closed and adjusted in size by means of two shapely buckles on the sides.
"Hector" truly is an extraordinary piece of armour and will turn heads - not only on the battlefield.

With a revised design of this leather armour, the well-known leather manufacturer Fucina del Drago sets new standards.

Material: Upper leather

The length (from the shoulder) is 68cm, the maximum width 125cm.
Colors: brown

Leather is a product of nature and takes dyes differently. Therefore, hues may differ from the image.
We recommend regular care using high-quality leather grease.

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