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Mina armour belt

"Mina" was made as an armour for women. Naturally we had to resign from historical patterns, as equality was not that popular amongst the medieval knight. Today we are proud to announce, that there is a way to dress strong women for the battlefield - using this armour set, you will not only be good looking on the field of glory, ladies! The spaulders are, just like the entire "Mina" series, built similary to the "Balthasar" series: decorations with rivets along the edge beading are a returning design element in both armours. Both armour series can easily be combined with each other. The two-piece belt is being worn on the hip and can be adjusted with leather straps in the front and in the back. A slim built and swung lines provide a delicate shape to this belt, which lets it appear much more delicate, than it really is. This belt will draw some looks even when worn as a seperate accessory in combination with any costume.

Material: 1,2 mm steel
Circumference: min. 85 cm, max. 98 cm
Width: 17 cm
Weight: app. 1250 g
Colour: blank, browned

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