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Gustav small set burnished

Gustav small set burnished

One could call this set "simple", but this would hardly do it justice. A better way to describe it would be "pragmatic" it dispenses with most ornamentational elements like rivets and additional grooves for a clean and straight look. Most "down-to-earth" character concepts will find a good match if an armour is needed.
The breastplate is ornamented with round-headed rivets and has a shaped plate added to the upper part, setting it off as the jewel of the armour set. As with a half-cuirass, the breastplate is fastened by using two leather straps; there is no backplate.
The collar has no ornamentation at all and is deliberately kept plain so as to contrast the breastplate. It's size can be adjusted, and it is closed by means of a buckle and strap on the side.

The three flexible metal parts on the shoulder allow great mobility and barely interfere with arm movement in battle. The swung lines add another eyecatcher to this armour set.

This armour set boasts an impressive price-performance-ratio.
It can be combined with lots of different armour pieces from our series.

We recommend wearing a gambeson underneath the armour and upgrading it with a chainmail shirt.

This set contains:
- Gustav chestplate (burnished)
- Gustav spaulders (burnished)
- Gustav collar (burnished)

Material: 1,2mm steel
Colour: burnished

Measurements of the breastplate:
Length: 50cm
Chest circumference: 52cm
Weight: 2.3kg
Note: You can change the breastplate size by carefully bending the plate.

Measurements of the collar:
Length of chest segment: 16cm
Length of back segment: 15cm
Shoulder width: 7cm
Neck circumference: 59cm to 65cm
Weight: approx. 1kg

Measurements of the spaulders:
Length: 36cm
Width: 32cm
Weight (pair): 2.4kg

179,90 € *

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