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Rikomer Armor browned medium

The plate mail "Rikomer" is the brother of our "Dragomir" armour. Elaborately crafted, it consists of a multitude of elements, which in combination result in an extraordinary armour that can hardly be more agile.
Every part of Rikomer is carefully flanged and matched to each other. Unlike "Dragomir" this armour is not decorated with beads and thus gets an uncompromising, brute look, which stands in contrast to the finely formed parts.
"Rikomer's" design and masterful workmanship make this armour so unique. It is also a bit better in price than its brother "Dragomir".

Armour like this is normally only available as custom-made and we had to fiddle with it for a long time before we could bring it to series production. Of course the fit must and can be optimized here and there by careful bending, but we have designed the armour so that it can be led into the field with maximum wearing comfort.

Basically we recommend to wear a gambeson under every plate armour. Wearing comfort and protective effect are significantly improved.

Material: steel, leather

828,47 € *

Precios incl. IVA legal más gastos de envío

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