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Lucas guard set browned

Lucas guard set browned

Steel bracers and greaves are not only suitable for in-game protection when blocking blows to the arms and legs, but also protect in real life: whenever the kids roam through the forrests and parks, their legs and arms may get scratches and bruises. Shins and lower arms are well protected with a layer of steel greaves and bracers.

A great basis for "dark" characters, but they are also suitable as a contrast for brighter costumes. The "Lucas" set of bracers and greaves was specially designed for children and adults with a really small circumference on arms and legs. They are shorter and smaller in diameter, but can "grow" with the wearer by carefully bending them open a little.

Just like all pieces from the "Lucas" range, they are built with a stiffening ridge along the edges and are being closed with two straps on each piece.

We suggest to wear padded bracers and greaves underneath to avoid scratches and bruises when playing outside. Not only does this maximise comfort, but also protects the skin and bones.


Lucas bracers:
Length: 20cm 
Width (top): 15cm 
Width (bottom): 12cm
Weight: app. 0,7kg

Lucas greaves: 
Length: 25cm 
Width (top): 20cm 
Width (bottom): 15cm  
Weight: app: 1,1kg

Colour: browned

This set contains the bracers (browned) and the greaves (browned) from the "Lucas" series.

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