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Lambert torso armour

The torso armour of our “Lambert” series features a plain and functional design. It consists of a breast plate and a back plate that are connected by adjustable shoulder straps. The straps on both sides may also be used to adjust the size. The backplate comprises two parts and has a movable lower segment. This serves to considerably increase wearing comfort and mobility.
Unlike the other parts of the “Lambert” series, the torso armour is not ornamented in any way, meaning it can also be universally combined with other armour series and outfits.

We recommend wearing a gambeson jacket or padded collar underneath the torso armour to increase wearing comfort and avoid bruises and abrasions.

Material: steel, leather
Width: 37cm
Length: 35cm
Weigth: approx. 3.5kg

119,90 € *

Precios incl. IVA legal más gastos de envío

Listo para envío inmediato, tiempo de entrega aprox. 3-7 días hábiles

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