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Edward torso armour blank

Edward torso armour blank

The Torsoarmour "Edward" is inspired by the typical armours of the high middle ages. The segmented breast plate is very agile. It is dominated by dynamically upswung lines. Ornamental beading and riveting give the armor a noble but also intimidating character. The tassets of the "Edward" series can be mounted in straps on the bottom segment of the chest plate. This armor is suitable for the representation of paladins and knights as well as for mercenary or adventurers. It can be combined with any spaulder from our assortment. The recommended abdominal circumference is 126 cm (including Gambeson) – but the armour can be widened by side-mounted leather straps up to a maximum of 144 cm. The length is 74 cm.
Material: 1.2 mm steel
Length: 74 cm
Size: 126 cm – 144 cm
Weight: 7.8 kg
329,90 € *

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