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Antonius helmet

The leather helmet "Antonius" was produced by the Italian leather Manufactory "Fucina del Drago" and is made of high-quality upper leather. Intricately designed and assembled from many solid riveted segments, it is very stable in shape. Finely embossed beading and lines as well as brass rivets and the typical finish for "Fucina del Drago" make this helmet a special piece of armour. The richly decorated forehead segment is made in the form of a visor but not movable. With an elongated neck segment, the helmet reminds of a sallet.
We recommend to wear an uphostered cap under the helmet as it is not padded. This increases the wearing comfort and the protective effect considerably. This fantastic armour part is closed with a sturdy chin strap.
Material: Upper Leather
Height: 22 cm
Width 20 cm
Length: 25 cm
Head circumference: Up to 59 cm portable
Weight 500 g

Leather is a natural product and adopts different dye products. The hue may differ from the picture.

126,63 € *

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