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Blacwin nasal helmet

This typical Norman helmet is based on historical models and has its root in Northern Europe during the 11th and 12th centuries. This makes it an ideal helmet for the portrayal or Nordic characters. Norman helmets are often seen worn by Viking characters. If this helmet shape looks familiar, that's probably where you've seen it before. The helmet has an  inner lining.
The nasal helmet was a variant of the spangenhelm featuring a nose-guard (nasal) that sometimes becomes wider towards the end. The helmet's top part is tapered, increasing its protective effect. As opposed to spangenhelms made of several parts and two-part visor helmets, nasal helmets were more commonly forged from a single iron plate from the 10th century on. Chainmail coifs were often worn under nasal helmets for additional protection.

Material: steel
Sizes: small (56-58) and large (59-66)
Colours: blank and burnished

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