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Mathes german sallet

The sallet "Mathes" from our diverse range of helmets is particularly elaborate. Curved lines adorn the movable visior, as well as the triple-segmented neck guard. A wide eye slit allows good vision, as well as excellent ventilation. The edges of the helmet are of course beaded. The foam pad can be used to comfortably carry the sallet up to a head circumference of 62 cm. A chin strap with buckle holds him safely in position. In its classic yet playful form, "Mathes" is ideal for richer warriors such as knights, nobility or even paladins. Of course, a successful mercenary or a soldier of a wealthy country can also be equipped with this helmet.

Material: Steel
Size: Up to 62 cm head circumference suitable.
Weight: approx. 2.3 kg
Color: Shiny

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