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John Silver pistol

The replica of a flintlock pistol from the 18th century for lefthanders. The design is based on indian firearms from that period and is worked very elaborated. Wood and sturdy zamac alloy are used to craft a high quality and realistic reproduction of the original pistol..
The cock, frizzen and trigger are fully operational.
This replica is a decoration item only and not able to shoot. The cock can not be equipped with a real flintstone.
You can not use pop platelets with this model.
For a more realistc weapons handling we recommend our powder bottle „Pierre Lafitte“.

Length: 35 cm

Weight: 620 g

Disclaimer: These items are decorational and can not be fired. You may equip some with capsules to reenact a shot.

Please check your countries import regulations on replica weapons & explosives (caps) before ordering.

49,90 € *

Precios incl. IVA legal más gastos de envío

Listo para envío inmediato, tiempo de entrega aprox. 3-7 días hábiles

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