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Rollo Dane axe

"Rollo" is a typical Dane axe based on the axes commonly used in Northern Europe in the olden days. The long handle allows striking over an enemy's shield or fighting from the second rank. The imitated wooden grain as well as the notches on the axe head give "Rollo" a realistic character. The soft suede handle wrapping nearly reaches to the end of the long axe handle. This exemplary polearm is ideally suited for the portrayal of Vikings or other characters with a Norse background.

In the "Black Dragon" series, Italian manufactory Fucina del Drago, famous for their exceptional leather products, have created a foam weapon brand that combines traditional craftsmanship with a fantastic design. The "Black Dragon" foam weapons are 100% handcrafted in Italy. They feature an outer coat of latex varnished with a layer of protective lacquer. Inserts of robust leather guarantee the necessary stability and durability. Carefully painted and with boasting a high-quality leather hilt wrapping, the "Black Dragon" foam weapon range will be a trusty companion for a long time. Please note that each foam weapon is individually crafted by hand, which is why the individual weapons' shape and colour may deviate slightly from the image.

We recommend regular care with silicon oil. Keep your foam weapons clean and dry at all times. Do not store them in a weapon's holder or similar contraption for extended periods of time. Your foam weapon should not be exposed to a lot of heat or direct sunlight for extended periods of time. This could lead to deformations or damage to the surface.

Material: foam, glass fibre reinforced plastic, latex, leather
Length: 150cm
Axe head width: 29cm
Axe head length: 15cm
Handle length: 55cm
Weight:  approx. 850g

Disclaimer: All items shown here were specially designed to safely portray fights in controlled environments like live roleplay events, theatre stages etc. The foam weapons consist of a glass fibre reinforced plastic rod as the core, fully encapsulated in soft foam to avoid injuries.

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