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Neo lead pipe

The "Neo" lead pipe is the deceptively real imitation of a pipe, as it could be used as a weapon in a post-apocalyptic world, for example. It's made from the tear-resistant foam that Calimacil is known for. The head is slightly reinforced and remains stable, with maximum security.

Total length: 107 cm
Head width: 18 cm
Weight: ~400 g
Material: foam, fiberglass
All articles of the manufacturer "Calimacil" are handmade in a small manufactory in Canada. We try to keep all items in stock at all times, but unfortunately we can still wait up to 10 weeks for items that are out of print.
Disclaimer: All the articles shown here have been specially developed for the safe representation of fights in live RPG, on theatre stages or similar. The upholstered weapons consist of a glass fibre core, which is completely wrapped with soft foam to avoid injury.
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