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Edgar IV bastardsword

Edgar IV bastardsword

The bastard sword "Edgar IV" by Calimacil has a double gully and a fine, slightly curved parry. The deceptively genuine imitation leather handle and the classic "Crescent" knob round off the noble character of this upholstered weapon. It is ideal for noble, armed roles of but also for successful adventurers and wealthy warriors. The special foam, from which the canadian producer "Calimacil" manufactures its upholstery weapons makes it extremely robust and almost insensitive to weather influences.
Material: foam, fiberglass
Total Length: 119 cm
Blade Length: 93 cm
Weight: 485 g

All articles by "Calimacil" are handmade in a small manufactory in Canada. We try to keep all items in stock at all times, but unfortunately we might wait up to 10 weeks for items that are out of stock.

Disclaimer: All the articles shown here, have been specially developed for the safe representation of fights in live RPG, on theatre stages or similar. The upholstered weapons consist of a glass fibre core, which is completely wrapped with soft foam to avoid injury.

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