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Orbek short sword

The short sword Orbek is particularly suitable for knights, mercenaries, and middle-class portrayals. A deceptively realistic-looking leather hilt and finely curved lines on the pommel and crossguard make this foam weapon an absolute eye-catcher.

Material: PU foam
Total length: 81cm
Blade length: 65cm
Weight: 270g


  • The new composite foam weapons by Mytholon
  • Realistic design
  • Highest processing standards and masterful craftsmanship
  • The hilt and guard are cast from durable plastic in a process developed by us.
  • Foamed blades! No latex, no glue.
  • New, indestructible tip protection
  • All Hammerkunst foam weapons are handmade and coloured by us.

Disclaimer: All items shown here were specially designed to safely portray fights in controlled environments like live roleplay events, theatre stages etc. The foam weapons consist of a glass fibre reinforced plastic rod as the core, fully encapsulated in soft foam to avoid injuries.

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