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Cederic spear tip stage fight small

Cederic spear tip stage fight small

Spears have been used as weapons and for hunting for millennia. Due to its making, it is perfectly suited for throwing and trusting, just as well as keeping the game, your foe or the attacker at distance. This weapon is very popular on medieval fairs and stage fights. Thats, why we offer the "Cederic" spear tip - a long, slim spear tip with big safety bubble on the tip.

The spears shaft is a very personal choice, depending on your height, strength etc., thats why we offer only the tip and suggest to the owner to craft a shaft themselves. "Cederic" is made with rounded blades and a dull, bubble tip. This does not allows the spear to penetrate the target in any case while doing stage combat fighting. The blade is made from steel and is polished. It is stiffened with a central ridge, which stiffens the material and provides an extra weight.

We like to point out, that stage combat fighting is a dangerous hobby, which should be considered twice by the sportsman. Everything you do, happens on your own risk. Please check the rules and security measures of the organiser prior to the combat fighting there, yourself. This spear tip is sold, just like all our stage fight weapons, to adults only - please send your ID, when ordering.

Material: steel
Total length: 23 cm
Blades length: 12 cm
Diameter of the socket, measured at the pin hole (inside): 2 cm
Blades width: 3.8 cm to 1.0 cm
Weight: app. 250 g

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