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Gerik decorative dagger

The "Gerik" decoration dagger is made with a diamond shaped blade with a narrow point. Brass pins hold the asian red poplar handle in place.
A wide crossguard and the rounded pommel provide the noble character ofthis blade. Its typical shape makes it the ideal companion for any knight or other noble character.
The robust leather sheath allows an uncomplicated wearing on the belt.

Being a decoration dagger, we deliver the blade unsharpened. We explicitly point out, that this dagger is not suitable for stage fighting.

Material: steel, wood, brass, leather
Knifes measurements:
Total length: 51 cm
Blades length: 35,5 cm
Blades width at base: 3,7 cm
Weight: app. 530 g

Sheaths measurements:
Length: 37 cm
Width: 6,5 cm
Width of belt loop: 6 cm
Weight: 213 g

Total length: 28 cm
Total weight: 743 g
Colour: brown

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