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Havall Sax

Havall Sax

A beautiful Sax in Viking style. The blade is sharp and can therefore be used for a wide range of work in the warehouse. The short, tough blade made of spring steel is riveted into the hardwood handle.

length: 63cm
max. blade width: 7cm
Material: spring steel, wood, brass

ATTENTION: This item is only sold to persons over 18 years of age. Therefore we need a copy of your identity card via fax (040-351316) or email before shipping. Other shipping costs may also apply for this item. Our customer service will of course get in touch with you.

48,64 € *

Precios incl. IVA legal más gastos de envío

Listo para envío inmediato, tiempo de entrega aprox. 1-3 días hábiles

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