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Edwin stage fighting dagger

This simple, elegant and decorative stage fighting dagger is made from high quality spring steel. Wear it as an accessory on your belt or use it as a parrying dagger in medieval reenactment.

Length: approx. 43cm
Blade length: 28cm

This article's blade is really break-resistant and was especially designed for reenactment uses. It is made of tough, elastic spring steel, resuming its original shape after being deformed under stress. The edge is dulled and 2mm wide, the tip is rounded to prevent injuries when stabbing at your opponent.

ATTENTION: This article is sold to persons older than 18 years. That’s why we will need a copy of your registration or driver's license via fax (+49 40-351316) or email. This article's freight costs might vary from the usual prices. Our customer service will be pleased to help you, if necessary.

Disclaimer: All items shown here were especially designed to safely portray fights in controlled environments like live roleplay events, theatre stages etc. Stage fighting weapons have a rounded tip as well as a blunt edge with a width of at least 2mm. This way, staged fights with metal weapons and protective gear can be portrayed safely. These weapons are only sold to adults, and their use is at one's own risk. We always recommend proper training with experts before portraying fights on stages or in similar environments.

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