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Combat throwing axe Combat throwing axe Combat throwing axe
The throwing axe "Combat" by the Canadian foam weapon manufactury Calimacil is made of tear-resistant special foam and almost indestructible. Since no core rod was used in making the axe blade, it is ideal for safe usage as a throwing...
49,90 € *
Milan shortbow Milan shortbow
The short bow "Milan" has only half the power of a normal LARP bow. This makes it ideal for use over short distances, such as from the second row of a battle. It is also excellent for young heroes who are just learning archery. Made of...
39,90 € *
Throwing stone Throwing stone Throwing stone
The throwing stones from our new "Battle Standard" line of products are coreless and handmade, thereby there are no two stones alike. They can be used for decoration or, depending on the rule set of the event, be used as a melee or...
2,50 € *
Throwing stone set (9) incl. fabric bag Throwing stone set (9) incl. fabric bag Throwing stone set (9) incl. fabric bag
The set contains of nine throwing stones from our new "Battle Standard" line of products including a handy fabric bag for transportation. The foam "stones" are coreless and handmade, thereby there...
19,90 € *
Urios throwing axe Urios throwing axe
At the close of the Second Age, Frandruin, Lord of the Dark Elves, lusted deeply after the gold and affluence of the Obsidian Mines and their king, Urios. Leading his army of deadly archers in an attack against the unsuspecting city of...
35,90 € *