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Felix-Kinderschild Felix kids shield
This small kids' shield was made for the youngest heroes and warrior princesses in our hobby. It is being strapped with a single buckle-strap in the back and held by the handle underneath it. This way it can be adjusted individually and...
49,90 € *
Rorrik buckler Rorrik buckler Rorrik buckler
The "rorrik" buckler from the "Battle Standard" series is characterized by excellent craftmanship and a very realistic look. This buckler will guard every figher on the battlefield, no matter if viking, scoundrel or mercenary. Material:...
79,90 € *
Rorrik round shield Rorrik round shield Rorrik round shield
Shields have been the defensive weapon choice for thousands of years. Ever since someone strapped a rock to a stick other tried to defend themselves from this weapon by shielding themselves with a board of wood. These wooden planks...
99,90 € *