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Rudolf coat ool brown

Rudolf coat ool brown

"Rudolf" is a short travel cloak. Flared and generously cut, it can easily be worn on top of your medieval outfit. The short sleeves are not too warm and highlight the outfit pieces underneath. They also allow you to wear bracers and will not hinder you in combat. Made of warming wool fabric, "Rudolf" offers reliable protection against wind and weather. It may be closed by means of a strip of five ornamental buttons. This short coat is the perfect companion for colder days and may be worn by women and men alike.

Material: Wool (wool 70%, polyester 20%, viscose 10%)
Size: Unisize
Length: 115cm
Chest circumference: 122cm
Length of sleeves: 29.5cm
Colours: brown & burgundy

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Precios incl. IVA legal más gastos de envío

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