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Jona gugel wool

Gugel Jona - Grün L-XL

Our "Jona" Gugel is a type of hood with a trailing point, worn in medieval Germany, being one of the most common headwears in daily use. The long shoulder pieces protect from the cold, as they are lined with cotton fabric from the inside. "Jona" can be worn from men and women alike, as the Gugel is a unisex clothing. The bottom seam of "Jona" is decorated with "battlements", squared cuts along the complete length. Its hood ends in a long, pointy tip.

Material: wool, cotton
Facial opening: app. 31 cm
Length of pointy tip: app. 124 cm
Shoulder width: 55 cm
Length shoulderpiece (chest): app. 22 cm
Length shoulderpiece (back): app. 48 cm

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