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Bastian shirt linen

It is very generous and airy cut. The collar is decorated with short ruffles and can be closed with ribbons.

The "Bastian" shirt is made from a half-linen fabric, which combines the cooling effects of linen and the moisture-absorbing and tearproof effects of cotton. The cut is wide and is therefore suitable for hot and sunny days. The collar is adorned with quillings and has a lace tying just below. The wide cut sleeves are being closed just below the wrist and add a casual style to the shirt.

When worn with a simple belt and a belt bag, this shirt will service as a basic costume already. The shown belt is not included in this offer. We invite you to browse our stock to find the matching pieces for your needs.

Material: 50% linen, 50% cotton
SIzes: S to XXL
Colours: white

Liveshopping: Size L

36,94 € *

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