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Ansgar shirt canvas black

Pirates shirt, medieval shirt...

This shirt is known by many names. Developed in the Renaissance, brave musketeers, pirates and swashbucklers, but also flower power kids from the 1960s\\' have worn similar models. Ever since the fantastic and medieval world has us wearing costumes - this shirt got certain place in every wardrobe and is suitable for many costumes.

Made from heavy cotton by Mytholon, this shirt is available in a wide variety of colours and builts a foundation for many different costumes - be it fantastic or historic.

The lace tying allows the shirt to be worn open when warm and tied close when cold outside. The sleeves are cut very wide and \\"puffy\\", allowing movement when fighting or dancing. The wide cuffs are being closed with a lace.

It is a shirt for many occasions, not only as a costume, but also as a leisure time piece...

Material: cotton canvas
Sizes: from S to XXL

24,27 € *

Precios incl. IVA legal más gastos de envío


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