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Philipp pants cotton black

One could say, that "horses forced humans into wearing pants." The oldes known pants were found close to thewest chinese city of Turfan. Some 3200 years old, it was the typical legwear of the mounted warrior. Counting as a piece of "barbaric" clothing in most of Europe, it spread very quickly and became one of the most common garments in todays culture. The simple cut of the "Philipp" pants make it a very universal garment for many different costumes. Be it wide overgarment or underneath a full plate armour - the generous cut and the high waisband provide the neccessary movability in all situations. An additional lace tying on the waist allows a tight fit for any wearer. The airy cut and the moisture absorbing traits make this the ideal summer pants. They will look great not onbly on a medieval market, LARP event or on the battlefield: this summer could use them well as slacks... even without a horse.

Material: cotton

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