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Ataman trousers cotton cream

The oriental style "Ataman" trousers are based on the pantaloons known from "Arabian Nights". Their cut is very wide and loose. Made of light cotton, it is not only ideal for hotter days, but it also fits very comfortably and offers great freedom of movement. It has a broad waistband as well as cuffs on the legs. It is closed by a drawstring located in the waistband as well as five elaborately crafted ornamental buttons.
"Ataman" is a piece of clothing that will quickly lend a southernly and exotic character to many costumes, not only portrayals inspired by the Orient. On top of that, "Ataman" can also be used as a lovely and extravagant alternative in terms of casual pants.

Material: Light cotton
Sizes: S-XXL
Colours: Cream

44,90 € *

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