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Wolfram braies linen cream

Wolfram braies linen cream

The origin of the braies is largely unknown to date. As a kind of underpants, they were worn for centuries in many different styles and designs. It is believed that they originated from the Germanic trousers and over time became the underwear that could be found in all sections of the population.

Our braies from the "Wolfram" series are made of linen. They have strings to attach chausses. The comfortable fly is covered by a cloth flap. The braies may be closed by means of a drawstring within the waistband. For those who do not want to do without matching underwear in the portrayal of their character, the braies are an ideal blend of historically inspired cut and the hygienic and cooling properties of the linen fabric, which provide a lot of comfort, especially on warm days.

Material: half linen (50% linen, 50% cotton)
Sizes: S to XXL
Weight: about 170g
Color: cream

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