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Joerg lansquenet trousers green/orange Limited Edition

This is a pair of bicoloured, slit trousers made along the fashion of the lansquenets from the 17th century. It is not certain, where this fashion originated from, but historians suggest, that lansquenets started cutting their clothing, for it was too tight for them to fight in it. This is, how this fashion came along with the famous mercenaries.

The "Jörg" trousers are made from robust, high quality canvas material and cut along a very elaborate pattern. This allows an open movement while fighting in this costume. The waist holds a thick drawstring on the inside, which is used to tie the trousers tightly to the wearers body. The waistband is additionally closed with two brass buttons in antique finish. Further lacing along the legs lead to the typical buffy look of the lansquenets fashion.

These trousers may not only be used for the reenactment of lansquenet, they are also well suited for nobility, merchants or pirates costumes.

Material: 100% cotton

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