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Wolfram chausses wool discontinued

Discontinued item, only while stocks last

Who does not know "Oetzi", the world famous stone-age hunter? He was wearing the oldest known wearer of the "seperate-hose" or chausses. They are considered to be the predecessor of the pants, but this is only partially right. Modern historians see both leg dresses in a coexistence for a long time, but in different cultural areas. The medieval ages in Europe saw the seperate-hose as the most dominant leg wear. It was attached to the breeches with laces - the second part of the "hose" and not more than an underwear for men. In late medieval times it was directly tied to the jerkin. The "seperate-hose" was worn in various cuts and colours and made from various materials - and it was worn by all classes. One of the first pieces of clothing to be "hip" in a certain period. Cold days cry out for warm leg coverings, such as woolen pants or seperate-hoses from wool. Made from high quality wool, they warm at night and keep rain and moisture away from the wearer. We offer the matching breeches to the seperate-hose, of course.

Material: wool
Sizes: S to XXL
Colours: brown

19,40 € * 43,77 € * (55,68% Guardado)

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