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Wolfram breeches cotton

The breeches origin is not clear: it was worn as underwear in various shapes and cuts for centuries. It is assumed, that it origins from the germanic "Bundhose" and changed into underwear worn by almost all social classes.

The breeches from the "Wolfram" series is made from light cotton. It is equipped with a lacing to attach the seperate-hose. The comfortable panelled fly is hidden underneath a codpiece flap. The breeches is fastened with the long string to hold tight on the hip.

The breeches is a great piece for all those, who do not want to go without historical underwear. Being an ideal mix of a historic pattern and the hygienic properties of cotton: this should not be missing in any costume.

Material: cotton
Sizes: S to XXL
Weight: app. 170 g

24,90 € *

Precios incl. IVA legal más gastos de envío



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