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Wolfram long tunic premium canvas green

The tunic was wide spread within Europe from the antiquity up to the late medieval period. It was worn by men and women in various patterns and in all social classes. Tunics are found in todays T-Shirt and have influenced out culture like no other piece of clothing has.

This calf-long tunic is made from premium canvas and an outerwear for rather cool days. The hard-wearing material is warming, without heating up the body to the point of sweating. These moisture absorbing properties allow this tunic to be worn underneath a padded gambeson.

It is slit in the front and back to provide the neccessary movement while riding horses or dancing. It is basically an own costume when combined with a belt and some accessories. For a more complex costume this tunic may be combined with more pieces to achieve the layer look of clothing being worn on top of other layers of clothing.

Material: premium canvas
Sizes: S to XXL
Colours: green

44,90 € *

Precios incl. IVA legal más gastos de envío


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