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Fur collar Havanna-Rex

The rabbit fur collars made by the Leipzig-based manufactory Falkenwacht are a bit larger than our popular fur stoles. They do not only warm you on cold days and during sleepless nights, but also serve as elegant protection against the sun. Cosy and soft, these collars are made from two furs each and feature a brass clasp cast in the shape of a dragon head. The width of the stole may vary as it is a product of nature.

The fur of Havanna-Rex rabbits is particularly dense and fluffy. We only offer these special fur collars for a short time, and stocks are strictly limited.

The rabbit furs are one hundred percent purchased from breeders based in Germany. They are not from factory farms, nor are they wildcaught.

Material: Real rabbit fur, leather, brass
Shoulder width: 55cm
Colour/rabbit breed: Havanna-Rex

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