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Magdalena underdress

The "Magdalena" underdress is made from a light but very stabile cotton fabric and a real allrounder. It can be worn in many different settings, be it wasteland, western or medieval/fantasy. You can wear it as a nightgown, a simple light dress for warm days, or as an underdress with different outer garments, depending on the weather.

"Magdalena" is wide cut and tapered with a lacing. the short sleeves are decorated with some tucks and grant you enjoyable mobility. We are offering "Magdaelna" in cream colour, so you can easily dye it to your needs - we recommend using Simplicol textile dye. The light cotton fabric from our chronicles line is thicker than our usual cotton fabric but still very airy and light.

Material: Cotton
Size: S - XXL
Colour: Cream

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