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Lenora womens tunic linen cream

Lenora womens tunic linen cream

Half-linen fabric is perfectly suited to be worn directly on the skin. The linnen part is cooling and non-soiling; the cotton part absorbes moisture and leads to a comforting and soft feeling. The material is ideal to be used as an undergarment. Wear it underneath a woolen overgarment to stay warm in winter or use it underneath a padded gambeson to stay cool and dry: this tunic is an ideal piece of medieval functional underwear.

The tunic is slightly bell-shaped from the waist down. Combined with a ladies belt from our stock, it is an airy, jet robust, alternative to tighter undergarments. You can easily use this tunic as a nightgown on events - there is little worse getting out of bed at night when the plot asks for it. It also looks great on the way to the lavatory. The linens hygienic properties and the skin-comforting weaving are perfectly suited for this use. Our "Lenora" womens tunic is a simple, jet multi purpose functional piece of clothing.

Material: half-linen (50% linen, 50% cotton)
Sizes: S to XXL

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