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Griffin patch

In heraldry, the griffin stands for valor, perseverance, and courage. We offer this finely crafted and detailed heraldic animal as a bi-coloured patch. It is ideally suited to be affixed to shields, tabards, or banners. The back is equipped with an iron-on adhesive, so the filigree patch can be easily attached before sewing. The carrier material is a stable cotton canvas.

Material: Cotton canvas, polyester

Measurements of the large patch
Height : 34cm
Width:  29cm
Weight: 30g

Measurements of the medium patch
Height : 20cm
Width:  16cm
Weight: 7g

Sizes: large & medium
Colours: yellow, cream, red, black

De 11,90 € *

Precios incl. IVA legal más gastos de envío



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