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Arthur gambeson set suede light brown LIMITED EDITION

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Réf. produit : 974547
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Informations sur le produit "Arthur gambeson set suede light brown LIMITED EDITION"

The padded vest "Arthur" features a lozenge shaped top stitching and four buckles in the front for fastening. It has eyelets to attach the sleeves and tassets by means of strings.

The padding leaves good freedom of moment without reducing the protective properties of the vest. The collar is padded more delicately to enable a comfortable fit around the throat as well as greater mobility in that area. Delivery includes leather strings so you can easily attach all the additional parts.

Material: Suede, cotton, polyester

Leather is a product of nature and may take dyes differently. The actual hue may differ from the image. 

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The gorget of our “Lambert” series stands out through its curved shape. A flexibly mounted neck segment allows comfortably adjusting the size of the neck cutout. That means you can make sure the gorget won’t fit uncomfortable or chafe your skin. Additionally, the two-part gorget was joined movably in the nape area, which also contributes to a significantly increased wearing comfort. The gorget “Lambert” is a great choice for all wearers of armour that value functionality and wearing comfort. We recommend wearing a gambeson jacket or padded collar underneath the gorget to avoid bruises and abrasions. Material: steel, leather Width: 40cm Weight: approx. 1kg

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The padded vest "Arthur" is backstitched in diamond-shape and closed by four buckle-straps in the front. The sleeves and the seam on the bottom is riveted with brass eyelets, which allows the tassets and the sleeves to be combined with the jacket.The diamond-shaped backstitching povides an extra in movability and, at the same time, keeps up the padding, which avoids bruises and scratches. The collar is backstitched in smaller diamonds: this brings more comfort to the neckarea.There is enough leather strings included to attach all the additional "Arthur" parts.Material: canvas, polyester

69,90 €*
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49,90 €*