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Vera knife with bone handle

Vera knife with bone handle

Vera knife

The knifes graceful character is archieved by its long, slim blade and the slightly swung handle. The handles half shells are made from polished bone and riveted thightly to the knifes tang. Bone, being an ancient decoration raw material was used for knife handles for a very long time. It is weatherproof, very robust, yet light. Its natural colour variation will every knife be unique in its appearance. A simple brown sheath with a belt loop for the wearing with your costume is included.
Vera is perfectly suited for any ladies costume, as well as for many mens costumes. Be it as a regular food knife on your medieval banquet or just for everyday work in your camp – Vera should not be missing.

Materials: steel, bone, brass, leather

Knifes measurements:
Blades length: 14 cm
Blades width: 2 cm
Total length: 26 cm
Weight: app. 140 g

Sheaths measurements:
Length: 20,5 cm
Width: 5 cm
Belt loops width: 5,5 cm
Weight: app. 50 g

Total length: 27 cm
Total weight: app. 190 g

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