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Leuthari seax

Leuthari seax

Leuthari seax dagger
"Leuthari the first" was the duke of the alamannic tribe of Germany in the 5th century. We named this rustic made seax dagger after him. The blade was made along the typical shape known from this tribe: it is curved upwards along the cutting edge and has a straight back.
The blackened blade is only partially polished, which enhances the rustic character of this dagger.
The handle is built from two different wood colours and riveted tight by using brass plates. Besides these features "Leuthari" is a simple, yet decorative, dagger.
The robust sheath is made from thick upper leather and is worn vertically on the wearers backside on the belt. The cutting edge points upwards.
Because of its unusual look with the cutting edge pointing upwards when bein worn, you will receive a great eyecatcher for your historic costume. Be it simple decoration for your camp or just the stroll on the medieval market – it is a great accessory.

 Being a decoration dagger, it is being delivered only partially sharpened.

 Material: steel, wood, brass, upper leather

Seaxes' measurements:
Total length: 50 cm
Blades' length: 36 cm
Blades width: 4 cm
Weight: app. 650 g

Sheaths' measurements:
Length: 43 cm
Width: 6 cm
Weight: app. 150 g

Total length: 50,5 cm
Total weight: app. 800 g

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