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Jandar tent

The tent ' Jandar ' has a footprint of 4x4 m. The height is 2 m and the middle mast has a height of 4 m. It is made of a cotton/polyester mixed fabric and very sturdy. The side rods are made of steel and provide  stability even at higher windspeeds. The ropes are made of cotton and are supplied ready-made with clamps.

The tent has two windows on the back which can be closed with concealed velcro. The entrance door can be used as a small canopy if required.

This tent has the following features:

  • 2m tentwall & entrance height
  • 4m central height
  • 2 windows, equipped with fly screen and velcro
  • 1 door, alternatively used as an canopy
  • Consists of 1 roof piece and 2 wall pieces
  • Eave made from pvc
  • Completely ready to set up, delivered with:
    • Hammer
    • Tentpegs in 2 sizes
    • Tent poles (central pole collapsible)
    • Ropes with tensioners
    • pvc tarp for protection


Material: polyester, canvas, steel
Tentwall- /Entrance height: 2 meters
Central height: 4 meters
Pack size: 2,3m x 0,3m x 0,3m
Weight: 60kg
Fabric thickness: 350g/m²


The price of 617,90€ is calculated as follows:

"Jandar" tent collection price: 549,90€
Delivery in Germany (islands excluded) by haulage contractor: 68,00€

Due to it´s size, it´s not possible to ship the tent outside the European Union.

If you prefer to pick up the tent in our storage, or would like to know the delivery costs to your (european) country, please contact our support team on support@mytholon.com or 0049 40 35 71 51 31.

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617,90 € *

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